A unique dairy selection in Middle East

Dairy products, especially the Mozzarella, have always been synonymous with freshness and unique flavors that characterize the authentic traditional Italian Food.

Through the experience of the best Italian dairymen, we have realized the dream to let you experience fresh dairy products made every morning in Dubai, bringing to your table an incomparable combination of timeless taste.

The history of mozzarella

The term “mozzarella” comes from the Italian word “mozzare”, that is to manually cut off the stretched curd using the index finger and thumb. The term “mozzarella” dates back to the 12th century when the first historic documents testify the habits of the monks of the Monastery of San Lorenzo in Capua to offer to the pilgrims a cheese called “mozza” or “provatura” (a smoked cheese) served with a slice of bread.

Mozzarella is a soft and fresh cheese that has been produced in southern Italy from the milk of water buffalo since the ancient Romans. Because it was not made from pasteurized milk and there was no refrigeration mozzarella had a very short shelf-life and it almost never left the southern region of Italy near Naples where it was made.

“We would point out that for purists, the true mozzarella is only made with water buffalo’s milk, whereas the mozzarella made with cow’s milk is otherwise called “fior di latte” mozzarella.”

Health benefits of mozzarella


When compared to other cheeses, buffalo mozzarella has a lower quantity of cholesterol. Its cholesterol content does not exceed 50-60 mg per 100g serving.


Buffalo mozzarella contains high quantity of Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3’s are supportive to many different body functions. It helps keep the skin normal and balanced, the prevention of heart disease, as well as for brain support.


Buffalo mozzarella has fewer calories than other cheese, but it’s rich in animal proteins making it a good alternative to meat or fish.