The Story

Since 1922, Bianca De Marco and Vincenzo, her husband, founded the De Marco Farm to start a small production of buffalo mozzarella and dairy products, as their family was famous in the whole area of Battipaglia for the exceptional milk produced by their water buffaloes.

Over the years, a small dairy farm has become a successful company, keeping a strong attention to the quality of raw materials and using the same traditional methods of the past.

The Present

In recent years, two young nephews have decided to export these values around the World.

After traveling for a long time, they realized that nowadays everyone likes mozzarella, burrata and Italian cheese. However, most of the products distributed around the world don’t taste as authentic as the ones freshly produced on site.

Driven by the desire to spread the authentic flavour of traditional Italian products, they created Bianca Mozzarella & Co

Bianca Mozzarella & Co

We have chosen to call our first restaurant with our grandmother’s name: Bianca. Fate decided that her name in Italian means “white”, the color of milk.

The innovative idea is that each shop is supplied by local dairy production. Raw materials and know-how are strictly Italian, the production is on site.

Bianca Mozzarella & Co is a place where people can enjoy mouth-watering Italian dishes and fresh mozzarella prepared in a inimitable Italian setting.